donderdag 4 december 2014

Governments can not control free will of human beings

Humans first have to give consent and/or power to these governments. People have to give up their rights first.

There are three motives why 'they' created the birth certificate:
1) Keep record of all human beings being born;
2) National debt - make citizens chattel and collateral to bankers;
3) Creation of legal fiction - persuade citizens to think they are the birth certificate so they are bound by statutes, acts, and taxation.

The birth certificate is NOT you! The name in all capital letters is NOT you! You are NOT your plastic identification! You have been manipulated by your government to belief this bullshit non sense.

When you comprehend the meaning of registration you would never do that. And now you know! So just don't follow their unlawful rules which are a bullshit story to begin with. So the 'sovereign movement' is not necessary at all, because you already ARE a Sovereing!

The natural person IS the created legal person and is the paper fiction. You are a real human being. You are the Sovereign.

Plastic identification is unlawful and all legal. The answer is crowd power 'identification'. (Scroll down for English text)

Birth Certificate Fraud is only a part of the shit on Earth. For deeper insights...

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