donderdag 1 januari 2015

Exchange and sharing


Now I’m able to express myself more clearly about what I wanted to say about the All Law…

It took some time for me to find the right words, because I felt something is NOT All Law within the words ‘it is a Universal Law and internationally know to us klan mothers of our nations and it is certainly not 'exchange'... it is called the great law of peace (isis/noahs ark-peace pipe to solomons seal etc.) otherwise known as gifting…’ because what about the true connection in here? There is none.

It is about MAKING connection IN the exchange.

The ‘giving’ is all about ‘dumping’: there’s NO connection in this sharing. Its not about a sharing.

The 8 IS from connection instead of a model about the other: the other NEEDS a gift from me.

‘Gifting’ is still from the old paradigm and a solution to the drama, the tragedy, of lack and shortage. Its the same old stuff. Search for the intent in ‘gifting’: when there is NO EXCHANGE/SHARING there is NO true connection.

When you use ‘gifting’ as in ‘co-creating’ that’s energetic a totally different EXCHANGE/SHARING. And this is what I am saying.

Another way of saying this:
Gifting as in it creates by itself.

But our gifts are stolen, and our biggest gift that is stolen, is our availability for ourselves.

In the new paradigm from the All Law CONNECTING in each others availability is the ‘gifting’.

Connecting in the old: one needs to work a lot to be able to be alive as a family, there the gift is GONE.

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